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Pacific Sol Energy Healing has your utmost wellness and vitality in mind!

Our focus is your health and well-being.  We believe some of the best tools that can assist your health and well-being is by "Energy Balancing and an introduction to Therapeutic Essential Oils."

All sessions you book are designed just for you in order to assist you in finding harmony, relief, and relaxation in your daily life. Whether you suffer from any discomfort; either physically or in your home; or just need to relax after a stressful day; Pacific Sol Energy Healing is here for you. 

You will find many types of services that we offer can be personalized for your individual needs.  Each page will give you a detailed description of the special services we provide.  Often times, a combination of services are found to be both necessary and rewarding when on a path of energy healing.

We know life has many ups and downs.  We hope this site will assist you in creating a smoother transition in your life - starting today and into tomorrow.   

Feel free to look through our pages and contact us if you wish to book an appointment or have any questions.  Please be sure to ask us about our Special Promotions!

Love & Light,

Pacific Sol